Mining Pool

How To Mining

Pool ARCEE Coin

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to mine ARCEE Coin on the x13 algorithm. Mining is the process of using computing hardware in order to solve sophisticated algorithms. These algorithms come in the form of “blocks” that help verify transactions on the network. For participating in mining, you’re rewarded with ARCEE Coin. The more powerful processing power you have, the more coins you’ll mine.

The following will show you how to GPU mine with NVIDIA graphics cards on Windows 10. The process is similar, but different files need to be installed. This coin is technically CPU mineable, but will net you negative returns due to low processing power compared to GPUs. It is not recommended.

  • Setup

    1. Make sure you have a fully-functional ARCEE Coin wallet.

    In this tutorial you will see how to setup a fully functioning wallet for ARCEE Coinn. The wallet is necessary in order to anonymously send and receive ARCEE Coin, send and receive encrypted messages, and support the ARCEE Coin network. For this tutorial we will be utilizing Windows 10.